Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Only Love Can Break Your Heart

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Only Love Can Break Your Heart, a song by Saint Etienne on Spotify

2016-06-05 18:35:26

Always loved that band. Very uplifting and melodic perfect pop!

2016-06-05 18:37:41

me too... Good Humor is my favorite album of theirs, its so good.

2016-06-20 14:41:26

have to raise you 

2016-06-20 14:42:11

Mine was first in a series as #Eng are playing in St Etienne...!

2016-06-20 14:48:02

I've seen them play in the 90's I've also been to the place, diverted there as a homage to the band.

2016-06-20 14:50:14

I saw them at Glasto in 1998, remind me of my youth!

2016-06-20 14:51:22

Fox Base Alpha is one of my favourite albums

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